February 12

MySearchDial vacation applications

My Search Dial wishes to take you places. So why not let it whisk you away?

When adding and customizing your favorite sites bookmarks, or dials, you can organize them according to different functions. One page of dials can be all about the things you need a shortcut to for professional reasons – news alerts, bookmarks, tips and professional blogs. But as for the next page, hidden right behind it… That one can be all about pleasure.

And suppose your biggest pleasure right now is planning your next big vacation. As cool as it sounds, you really need to sift through a lot of diverse guides, links and sites: flight packages, last minute sales, getaway coupons, recommendation sites and so much more.

Group them all in one convenient, visual way. Put the online translator next to the hotel finders. The budget manager right by the price comparison engine. These can all be joined together for one convenient place for you to check regularly to keep up to date with, just to make sure you don’t miss any last minute deal, package or coupon.

As you go ahead and plan your time off, your needs may change. Suppose you want to switch from searching for hotel to swapping apartments. Or better yet, slum it and turn your experience into a couch surfing one. With My Search Dial, you can constantly tweak, change and replace sites that are no longer relevant, with the ones that are right up your alley.

Some recommended links that are essential when travelling internationally:


Of course, before you leave, make sure to check that you have all the necessary paperwork and a valid passport. Does your dream destination require an entrance visa? Better find out as soon as possible. Do you have the right adaptors for all your electrical appliances? Do you require luggage insurance? Make a checklist of all things needed and make your way towards your dream getaway!

One more tip: when using MySearchDial, upload an image of the coolest place your destination has to offer, so you will be constantly inspired.



posted by Sam Summers