January 26

MySearchDial personalizes your search experience

Many Search engines and add-ons promise to make your browsing and searching experience more personalized – but do they actually deliver? With MySearchDial, we are proud to say that you can truly make your search experience your own.

How is this done? By offering you the option to take all your favorite and most-visited sites and place them in one accessible setting. My Search Dial enables you to use dynamic bookmarking to display any amount of sites – from several to dozens – for you to easily browse, flip through and find.

MySearchDial takes your favorite shortcuts – or dials – and displays them conveniently every time you click on the “New tab” function on your browser. Not only are the dials your own choice, but their display and setup are completely subject to your taste and tailoring.

Let’s start with the background – My Search Dial offers two dozen backgrounds to choose from, with an option to accentuate their illumination. If that’s not enough, you can add your own image to use as a background, so you can have a tender reminder of Mr. Fluffy even when you’re miles away from him.

It’s your call if you want more or less dials displayed per page, if you want them in several columns and also if you want the dials to appear flat or three-dimensional. You are in charge of the dials size and the spacing between them. You call the shots.

Adding dials is done by clicking the “+” sign on the top left corner of the page. In the opened dialog box, write the name of your site or just paste its URL. Need a headstart to finding some dials to begin with? Head over to the “Gallery” option in the dialog box. Dozens of the most loved and useful websites around are offered for you there, conveniently arranged according to function. From Productivity and Services, through to News, Entertainment, Finance, Shopping, Social, Travel and Reference, all based on your geographical location.

After adding your dial, you can edit it to change its URL. You can also modify its title to act as a reminder of why you saved this particular page. How convenient!

This is one bookmark list you can never lose – the dials will await you each time you click on a New tab. One click, and you’re back to where you wanted, MySearchDial style.


posted by Sam Summers