February 9

Improve visual browsing with MySearchDial’s Speed dials

It is well known that the easiest way to jog your memory is to have visual reminders. In fact, Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Small developed a technique of keeping your memory fresh, called “Look, Snap, Connect”. “Look – focus attention”, he explained in an interview. “Snap – create a mental snapshot. And connect – link up those mental snapshots so they have meaning. If something is meaningful, it’s going to be memorable,” he said. By using this technique, says the UCLA professor, memory skills can be improved to aid everyday life.

This, we believe, is highly relevant to our Internet browsing habits. With so much information, Internet pages and sites consumed in any average browsing session, information is nearly impossible to process and compartmentalize. Every other minute, a new, shiny update grabs the user’s attention, rendering it nearly impossible to have a linear, regulated browsing experience where one receives the information they got online for.

MySearchDial actually implements Dr. Small’s principles. By offering the user a way to save and organize their favorite sites in a highly visual form, they can both “Look” and “Snap”. Furthermore, they do not need a mental snapshot, because the dials on My Search Dial offer an actual snapshot, or rather screenshot, grabbed from the favorited site. “Connect” is implemented through the dial display, where dials can be arranged in an order that would be the most meaningful for the user.

Because, according to Dr. Small, our brains are hard-wired to remember visual images, the visual snapshots offered by MySearchDial promise that each saved dial will have the ability to spark the connection and reason the user wished to save it. In addition, speed dials are fully editable, enabling the user to add the name of the site as well as a memo connected to it. This way, the user is reminded of the reason you wished to add this to your dial. Later one, the user can choose if they want the display to include the text, or rely merely on the visual reminder.

These days, a screenshot can actually be shadowed by the merely placement of a good logo. The biggest web services have an easily recognizable logo that users can spot a mile away. This actually presents a cleaner and more streamlined way of glancing at your various dials and quickly picking the one you meant to click.



posted by Sam Summers