June 11

Arrange Your Favorite Sport Sites with MySearchDial

In recent years, the avid sports fan became spoilt for choice – with so many broadcasts and webcasts of prominent sport events, a fan can feel overwhelmed and not even know where to begin. Add to that the new Fear of Missing Out phenomenon, where the fan develops anxiety about any new development (last minute replacements, hiring a new coach, etc.) in their favorite team that they were unaware of, and the result is feeling inundated with the need to know everything at all times.

The easiest way to keep it all under control is to keep your favorite sport sites well organized. As soon as you separate the news sites from the commentary sites, or keep sites for more relevant events closer by than events taking place in a few months, you’d be surprised how much more manageable your sports obsession becomes.

Use MySearchDial to keep all sites in one convenient setup. Your best loved and most accessed sites become dials within MySearchDial, easily accessed by clicking the “new Tab” button on your browser.

Through its dynamic bookmarking, you are able to save each of the sites with a corresponding screenshot, making it immediately recognizable at a glance. Also, MySearchDial’s display is completely customizable – from uploading your own background (let us guess – a picture of your favorite sports team!) or choosing one of the dozens of background options available, to the number of dials on display, the shape and size of the dials. You can also decide if the screenshot is enough to make your dial stand out, or if you want to add the title of the site.

My Football Search Dial


Whether it’s arranging your events calendar, keeping tabs on the latest scores of crucial games or just keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s going on, there are many uses to a tidy set of favorite dials, conveniently arranged using MySearchDial.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if it’s soccer’s Premier League that is about to close or basketball’s upcoming Final Four that is making May a red-hot month. Later on, this summer’s Tennis Roland Garros, Hockey’s World Cup and Soccer’s World Cup will also keep throngs of sports fans glued to their devices and TV sets. You may be devoted to one sport, or love ’em all. As long as you keep your sports sites in order, you’ll never miss out on any game.

posted by Sam Summers