June 11

Arrange Your Favorite Sport Sites with MySearchDial

In recent years, the avid sports fan became spoilt for choice – with so many broadcasts and webcasts of prominent sport events, a fan can feel overwhelmed and not even know where to begin. Add to that the new Fear of Missing Out phenomenon, where the fan develops anxiety about any new development (last minute replacements, hiring a new coach, etc.) in their favorite team that they were unaware of, and the result is feeling inundated with the need to know everything at all times. The easiest way to keep it all under control is to keep your favorite sport sites
April 13

New instructions to remove MySearchDial

Attention all MySearchDial users: We have now updated the removal guide that will make uninstalling a breeze. As much as we strive to give you the best browsing experience possible, we are aware it may not be suited for all users.

This is why we made the removal guide as specific and easy to use as can be, including a step-by-step help guide to uninstall, print screens and a table specifying browser compatibility. See the updated removal instructions for more information.

Simply put, removal of the software is a two-step process: First, you

March 6

Crazy about fashion?

Are you crazy about fashion?  Shoes?  Clothes?  Accessories?  Check out the new MySearchDial4Fashion website to see how MySearchDial can help you organize all your favorite fashion sites.   Because lets face it, there are a lot of fashion websites out there, but your favorites, well, are the best. Stay tuned, because the MySearchDial fashianistas are planning their own blog as well :-) about how they organize their favorite fashion sites about shoes, clothes and accessories.  
February 12

MySearchDial vacation applications

My Search Dial wishes to take you places. So why not let it whisk you away?

When adding and customizing your favorite sites bookmarks, or dials, you can organize them according to different functions. One page of dials can be all about the things you need a shortcut to for professional reasons - news alerts, bookmarks, tips and professional blogs. But as for the next page, hidden right behind it… That one can be all about pleasure.

And suppose your biggest pleasure right now is planning your next big vacation. As cool as it sounds, you really need

February 9

Improve visual browsing with MySearchDial’s Speed dials

It is well known that the easiest way to jog your memory is to have visual reminders. In fact, Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Small developed a technique of keeping your memory fresh, called “Look, Snap, Connect”. "Look – focus attention”, he explained in an interview. “Snap – create a mental snapshot. And connect – link up those mental snapshots so they have meaning. If something is meaningful, it's going to be memorable," he said. By using this technique, says the UCLA professor, memory skills can be improved to aid everyday life.


January 26

MySearchDial personalizes your search experience

Many Search engines and add-ons promise to make your browsing and searching experience more personalized – but do they actually deliver? With MySearchDial, we are proud to say that you can truly make your search experience your own.

How is this done? By offering you the option to take all your favorite and most-visited sites and place them in one accessible setting. My Search Dial enables you to use dynamic bookmarking to display any amount of sites – from several to dozens – for you to easily browse, flip through and find. MySearchDial