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A speed dial browser add-on allowing you to access your favorite sites faster, and improving your overall search and browsing experience.

We juggle a huge amount of information on the internet.  We have the sites we need for work, for shopping, for socializing, and more.  Bookmark lists are just, well, lists.   But with MySearchDial, finding what you need when you need has never been easier. We offer 1-click access to search results, your favorite sites, and most popular web sites and web services.

Our most popular feature at MySearchDial is the personalized New Tab.  Design your own New Tab by choosing its  color or texture, or upload your own background image.  You control the number and size of the Dials on your New Tab, decide if they should be detailed or simple, three-dimensional or flat, and more.  You add new Dials linking to your favorite sites simply by typing or pasting in the URL.

Looking to explore new sites from your New Tab? Choose from our rich gallery of popular websites including news, entertainment, shopping and more.

Did you accidentally close a tab and don’t remember the URL?  No problem!  Simply click on Recently Closed in your New Tab and you can select the page you wanted from the list.

On the My Search Dial search page, we offer you a quick link to discover and explore our recommended applications, shopping sites, maps, and favorite games including puzzle games, games for girls, hidden object games, card games and time management games. After all, the internet isn’t just about getting the information you are looking for at any given time…it’s also about having fun.

Note, the various features of MySearchDial vary with your browser. Personalized New Tabs are offered with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome while MySearchDial is currently not compatible with the Safari browser. See the bottom of the MySearchDial FAQ for a table describing which features and benefits are available for which browser.

installCore, ironSource and Software Distribution

Getting a piece of software from point A to point B is not as easy as it seems. ironSource’s central product, installCore, can illustrate how the process works, and how the company’s four core system creates a comprehensive ecosystem for software distribution and monetization.


Downloads in the Modern World

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Safely Enhance Your Browsing Experience With Help From installCore

installCore Enhances the Browsing Experience

MySearchDial is a great way to easily access your favorite sites and stay updated on all things digital. Our popular tab extension for browsers has been downloaded over a half million times from the Chrome App Store. We firmly believe MySearchDial is your best ...

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Arrange Your Favorite Sport Sites with MySearchDial
In recent years, the avid sports fan became spoilt for choice – with so many broadcasts and webcasts of prominent sport events, a fan can feel overwhelmed and not even know where to begin. Add to that the new Fear of Missing Out phenomenon, where the fan develops anxiety about ...
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New instructions to remove MySearchDial

Attention all MySearchDial users: We have now updated the removal guide that will make uninstalling a breeze. As much as we strive to give you the best browsing experience possible, we are aware it may not be suited for all users.

This is why we made the removal guide ...

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Crazy about fashion?
Are you crazy about fashion?  Shoes?  Clothes?  Accessories?  Check out the new MySearchDial4Fashion website to see how MySearchDial can help you organize all your favorite fashion sites.   Because lets face it, there are a lot of fashion websites out there, but your favorites, well, ...
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